Thierry Parmentelat
Research Engineer
job: +33 492 38 77 56
mobile: +33 678 30 83 45


2002 - now
INRIA - Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et Automatique
INRIA is the French National Research Institute in Computer Science and Control Theory.
» As part of the DIANA Project-Team , that used to study Internet protocols and architecture, and now looks more into privacy issues, I am a solution provider for the whole team in terms of experimental facilities and tools.
» This involves a wide range of activities in the DevOps spectrum, like primarily software development and operations, as well as dissemination and relationships with many international partners all over the world in Europe, the USA, Asia, and Australia, and of course, although to a lesser extent, publication.
» I have designed and set up the R2lab wireless testbed, and earlier have been acting as a core developer for the PlanetLab project.
» I was involved in quite a few projects funded by EU and French research programs, often as the technical lead, notably Equipex-FIT, OneLab, F-lab, Fed4Fire, ...
2000 - 2001
8x8 - Centile
At that time, Centile was a subsidiary of 8x8, a hi-tech company based in Santa Clara, that focused on VOIP software products.
» I was in charge of a 20-people team, responsible for product integration, testing and support.
» Defined and implemented the complete production process, from marketing requirements to bug-tracking and support.
» Also in charge of pre-sales and customer relationship for Europe.
1991 - 1998
IXI - Ingéniérie Concourante et Systèmes d'Information
At the time, IXI was a remote subsidiary of COGEMA, that employed 150 engineers for a business of about 15 M€. Its business areas involved technical consulting, and software applications development.
» In charge of a business unit - 20 engineers - Business 3 M€/y.
» Development of integrated and complex software projects, from bid preparation all the way down to delivery, maintenance, and customer relationships.
» IT Management - in particular, IP over ISDN as early as 1992
1985 - 1991
This company focused on reliability-related studies for the industry. For my PhD in collaboration with INRIA, I designed and implemented a software tool supporting static metrology and programming standards named MÉTROPOL. After 1988, I brought the product to the European market.

Some representative projects (latest first)

R2lab R2lab is a research lab for reproducible wireless experimentation, that exposes a few dozens of nodes located in an anechoic sheltered chamber.
It primarily addresses WiFi, but also features Software-Defined Radio features with USRP extensions, that can for example host 5G networks.
It features an orchestration engine nepi-ng that is based on Python's asyncio asynchronous programming paradigm, for massively parallel interaction with the testbed.
PlanetLab PlanetLab is a world-wide testbed dedicated to research in the networking area. It uses virtualization to provide users with so-called slices on any number of the 800+ nodes scattered around the world, that are currently managed from two operations center, located in Princeton and in Paris.
Soft PBX The Centile's Ipbx aimed at providing a full replacement of a traditional PBX, as a software-only hosted solution for multi-tenant deployments in the context of unified communication.
Modeling and Simulation MissRdp was a modeling and simulation system based on colored Petri nets, used for simulating, assessing and dimensioning large industrial objects.
Manufacturing For COGEMA, I designed and implemented various technical tools deployed on nuclear waste recycling factories at La Hague and Melox, that decisively contributed to increase both productivity and safety on the plants.


Software development Having been exposed to Open Source Projects since I was born to computing 30+ years ago, I am very familiar with common practices such as source code management, cooperation through merge requests, continuous integration, bug-tracking, trouble ticketing. Follow me on github, as well as on the onelab git for stuff from the pre-github era.
Experimentation Extensive experience in managing experimental setups, coordinating experiments and exposing their results in publications.
Architecture Design, implemention and operation of complex network applications and related topologies. Fluent with most popular Internet protocols, as well as all mainstream OS's for computers and network devices.
Teaching I have been involved in a couple of MOOC's, in particular I have co-authored one on python that has so far attracted around 45.000 students since its first session in 2014 on the french FUN platform.
Management Business Unit management, contracts management, resources and facilities, international teamwork, hiring, bid preparation


1984 Ingénieur de l'École Polytechnique
1985 D.E.A. in Computer Science, Université Paris XI Orsay
1991 Ph.D. in Computer Science, C.N.A.M, Paris


French Mother tongue
English Fluently read, spoken and written
German School notions

Other stuff

Sailing I have been sailing around the world on various kinds of ships in the 35-50 feet range.
» I have sailed the West Indies from Grenada to Virgin Islands, around the Seychelles archipelago, in Greece and in Turkey. I crossed the Atlantic Ocean from Pointe-à-Pitre to Gibraltar on Abricotine, a Vauquiez 49''.
» I used to be part of the racing crew on Maluba - first an IMX-40 from X-Yachts, and later a Ker 39 from KER. The team has participated in about 10 first-class regattas a year in the Marseille to Roma area for about 10 years.
» I am very fond of Toccata, a La Trinité/Mer-based prototype 43''-open, with whom I regularly sail from Brittany to Spain and Ireland, and hopefully Scotland some day.
» I occasionnally attend regattas on Léon, a JPK-1010 based in Juan-les-Pins.