class Http/Server/Compound : Http/Server <HttpServer>


Inherited from HttpServer:

Public Fields

Http/Server instvar clist_
Http/Server instvar fid_
Http/Server instvar id_
Http/Server instvar modseq_
Http/Server instvar modtimes_
Http/Server instvar node_
Http/Server instvar ns_
Http/Server instvar pgtr_
Http/Server instvar stat_
Http/Server instvar TRANSPORT_

Public Methods

Http/Server instproc alloc-connection { client fid }
Http/Server instproc disconnect { client }
Http/Server instproc gen-init-modtime { id }
Http/Server instproc gen-page { pageid }
Http/Server instproc gen-pageinfo { pageid }
Http/Server instproc get-request { client type pageid args }
Http/Server instproc handle-request-GET { pageid args }
Http/Server instproc handle-request-IMS { pageid args }
Http/Server instproc init args
Http/Server instproc modify-page { pageid }
Http/Server instproc schedule-nextmod { time pageid }
Http/Server instproc set-page-generator { pagepool }
Http/Server instproc set-parent-cache { cache }
Http/Server instproc stale-time { pageid modtime }

Inherited from HttpApp:

Public Fields

Http instvar pool_
Http instvar slist_

Public Methods

Http instproc addr {}
virtual int command(int argc, const char*const* argv)
Http instproc connect { server }
Http instproc create-pagepool {}
Http instproc get-cachesize {}
Http instproc get-hbsize {}
Http instproc get-imssize {}
Http instproc get-invsize {}
Http instproc get-joinsize {}
Http instproc get-mpusize {}
Http instproc get-ntfsize {}
Http instproc get-pfsize {}
Http instproc get-refsize {}
Http instproc get-reqsize {}
virtual AppData* get_data(int&, AppData*)
Http instproc getfid {}
int id()
void log(const char *fmt, ...)
virtual void process_data(int size, AppData* d)
Http instproc set-cachesize { size }
Http instproc stat { name }

Protected Fields

Tcl_Channel log_
ClientPagePool* pool_
Tcl_HashTable* tpa_

Protected Methods

int add_cnc(HttpApp *client, TcpApp *agt)
void delete_cnc(HttpApp *client)
TcpApp* lookup_cnc(HttpApp *client)
void set_pagepool(ClientPagePool* pp)

Inherited from Process:

Public Methods

virtual void send_data(int size, AppData* data = 0)
inline Process*& target()

Protected Fields

Process* target_


---------------------------------------------------------------------- server + support for compound pages.

A compound page is considered to be a frequently changing main page and several component pages which are usually big static images.

XXX This is a naive implementation, which assumes single page and fixed page size for all pages ----------------------------------------------------------------------

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