class <Queue/RED/Semantic> SemanticREDQueue : public REDQueue


Public Methods

Packet* pickPacketForECN(Packet *pkt)
Packet* pickPacketToDrop()

Inherited from REDQueue:

Public Methods

Queue/RED instproc enable-vartrace file
Queue/RED instproc set args

Protected Fields

int bcount_
TracedInt curq_
NsObject* de_drop_
int doubleq_
int dqthresh_
int drop_front_
int drop_rand_
int drop_tail_
edp edp_
edv edv_
int fifo_
int idle_
double idletime_
LinkDelay* link_
int ns1_compat_
PacketQueue* q_
int qib_
Tcl_Channel tchan_

Protected Methods

int command(int argc, const char*const* argv)
Packet* deque()
int drop_early(Packet* pkt)
void enque(Packet* pkt)
void print_edp()
void print_edv()
void reset()
void run_estimator(int nqueued, int m)
void trace(TracedVar*)

Inherited from Queue:

Public Methods

QueueElem <T> * dequeue()
virtual void destroy()
void detach(QueueElem<T>* e)
void enqueue(QueueElem<T> *e)
QueueElem <T> * getHead()
int is_empty()
int size()

Protected Fields

QueueElem <T> * head_
int size_



Packet* pickPacketToDrop()

Packet* pickPacketForECN(Packet *pkt)

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