class Agent/CBR/UDP/SA : Agent/SA <SA_Agent>


Public Methods

Agent/CBR/UDP/SA instproc attach-tbf { tbf }

Inherited from SA_Agent:

Public Methods

Agent/SA instproc attach-traffic tg
int command(int, const char*const*)
virtual void sendmsg(int nbytes, const char *flags = 0)
virtual void timeout(int)

Protected Fields

int bucket_
char* callback_
NsObject* ctrl_target_
double nextPkttime_
int off_resv_
int off_rtp_
double rate_
int rtd_
int running_
SA_Timer sa_timer_
int seqno_
int size_
TrafficGenerator* trafgen_

Protected Methods

void recv(Packet *, Handler *)
virtual void sendpkt()
void sendreq()
void sendteardown()
void start()
void stop()
void stoponidle(const char *)

Inherited from Agent:

Public Fields

Agent instvar agent_port_
Agent instvar dst_addr_
Agent instvar dst_port_
Agent instvar namTrace_
Agent instvar tg_

Public Methods

inline nsaddr_t& addr()
Agent instproc attach-app {s_type}
Agent instproc attach-source {s_type}
Agent instproc attach-trace { file }
virtual void attachApp(Application* app)
virtual void close()
virtual void connect(nsaddr_t dst)
Agent instproc connect d
inline nsaddr_t& daddr()
inline nsaddr_t& dport()
Agent instproc dst-port {}
Agent instproc init args
virtual void listen()
Agent instproc port {}
inline nsaddr_t& port()
virtual void send(int nbytes)
void send(Packet* p, Handler* h)
virtual void send(int sz, AppData *data)
virtual void sendto(int nbytes, const char* flags, nsaddr_t dst)
virtual void sendto(int sz, AppData*, const char* flags = 0)
Agent instproc set args
void set_pkttype(packet_t pkttype)
virtual int& size()
Agent instproc traffic-source agent

Protected Fields

Application* app_
Tcl_Channel channel_
int class_
int defttl_
ns_addr_t dst_
int fid_
int flags_
ns_addr_t here_
int off_ip_
OldValue* oldValueList_
int prio_
char* traceName_
packet_t type_
static int uidcnt_

Protected Methods

void addAgentTrace(const char *name)
Packet* allocpkt(int)
Packet* allocpkt()
virtual int delay_bind_dispatch(const char *varName, const char *localName, TclObject *tracer)
virtual void delay_bind_init_all()
void deleteAgentTrace()
void dumpTracedVars()
virtual void idle()
void initpkt(Packet*)
void insertOldValue(TracedVar *v, const char *value)
OldValue* lookupOldValue(TracedVar *v)
void monitorAgentTrace()
virtual void recvBytes(int bytes)
virtual void trace(TracedVar *v)

Private Methods

void flushAVar(TracedVar *v)

Inherited from Connector:

Public Methods

virtual void drop(Packet* p)
inline NsObject* target()

Protected Fields

NsObject* drop_
NsObject* target_

Protected Methods

virtual void drop(Packet* p, const char *s)

Inherited from NsObject:

Public Methods

virtual void debug(const char *fmt, ...)
int isdebug()

Protected Fields

int debug_
int off_cmn_
int off_flags_

Protected Methods

void handle(Event*)
virtual void reset()

Inherited from Handler:


Agent/CBR/UDP/SA instproc attach-tbf { tbf }
Signalling agent attaches tbf differently as none of its signalling mesages go via the tbf

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