class CBQLink : SimpleLink


Public Fields

CBQLink instvar classifier_
CBQLink instvar drophead_
CBQLink instvar head_
CBQLink instvar link_
CBQLink instvar maxidle_
CBQLink instvar queue_

Public Methods

CBQLink instproc bind args
CBQLink instproc classifier {}
CBQLink instproc init { src dst bw delay q cl {lltype "DelayLink"} }
CBQLink instproc insert args

Inherited from SimpleLink:

Public Fields

SimpleLink instvar attr_
SimpleLink instvar deqT_
SimpleLink instvar drpT_
SimpleLink instvar dynamics_
SimpleLink instvar dynT_
SimpleLink instvar enqT_
SimpleLink instvar errmodule_
SimpleLink instvar fromNode_
SimpleLink instvar iif_
SimpleLink instvar lastSample_
SimpleLink instvar link_errmodule_
SimpleLink instvar ns_
SimpleLink instvar qMonitor_
SimpleLink instvar qtrace_
SimpleLink instvar rcvT_
SimpleLink instvar sampleInterval_
SimpleLink instvar snoopDrop_
SimpleLink instvar snoopIn_
SimpleLink instvar snoopOut_
SimpleLink instvar toNode_
SimpleLink instvar trace_
SimpleLink instvar ttl_

Public Methods

SimpleLink instproc attach-monitors { insnoop outsnoop dropsnoop qmon }
SimpleLink instproc dump-namconfig {}
SimpleLink instproc dynamic {}
SimpleLink instproc enable-mcast {src dst}
SimpleLink instproc errormodule args
SimpleLink instproc init-monitor { ns qtrace sampleInterval}
SimpleLink instproc insert-linkloss args
SimpleLink instproc linkfail-drop-trace args
SimpleLink instproc nam-trace { ns f }
SimpleLink instproc queue-sample-timeout { }
SimpleLink instproc sample-queue-size { }
SimpleLink instproc start-tracing { }
SimpleLink instproc trace { ns f {op ""} }
SimpleLink instproc trace-callback {ns cmd}
SimpleLink instproc trace-dynamics { ns f {op ""}}
SimpleLink instproc transit-drop-trace args
SimpleLink instproc ttl-drop-trace args

Inherited from Link:

Public Fields

Link instvar color_
Link instvar cost_
Link instvar oldColor_
Link instvar pktmon_

Public Methods

Link instproc add-pktmon pktmon
Link instproc add-to-head { connector }
Link instproc all-connectors op
Link instproc change-color { color }
Link instproc color { color }
Link instproc cost
Link instproc cost c
Link instproc down { }
Link instproc dst {}
Link instproc dump-nam-queueconfig {}
Link instproc get-attribute { name }
Link instproc get-color {}
Link instproc head {}
Link instproc if-label
Link instproc install-error {em}
Link instproc label { label }
Link instproc label-at { str }
Link instproc label-color { str }
Link instproc link {}
Link instproc orient { ori }
Link instproc queue {}
Link instproc queuePos { pos }
Link instproc src {}
Link instproc up
Link instproc up { }


set up the baseline CBQ or CBQ/WRR object baseline object contains only an empty classifier and the scheduler (CBQ or CBQ/WRR) object itself

After initialized, the structure is as follows:

head_-> (classifier) queue_-> (cbq) ==> link_ drophead_ -> (connector) ==> nullAgent

== is data flow -- is a pointer reference

CBQLink instproc init { src dst bw delay q cl {lltype "DelayLink"} }

CBQLink instvar head_

CBQLink instvar queue_

CBQLink instvar link_

CBQLink instvar classifier_

CBQLink instproc classifier {}

CBQLink instproc bind args

for flow-id based classification, bind c CBQClass to a given flow id (or range) OTcl usage: bind $cbqclass id or bind $cbqclass idstart idend

these use flow id's as id's

CBQLink instproc insert args
insert the class into the link each class will have an associated queue we must create a set of snoop qs with an associated qmon which cbq uses to monitor demand. The qmon may either be given, or defaults to just a QueueMonitor type.

Otcl usage: insert $cbqclass insert $cbqclass $qmon

the two different usages are used to make backward compat with ns-1 easier, since in ns-2, insert was in c++

general idea: pkt--> Classifier --> CBQClass --> snoopin --> qdisc --> snoopout --> CBQ

CBQLink instvar drophead_

CBQLink instvar maxidle_

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