class MediaPage : public ClientPage


Inherited from ClientPage:

Public Fields

static int PUSHALL_

Public Methods

double& age()
inline void clear_mpush()
inline int count_inval(int a, int th)
inline int count_request(int b, int th)
inline int& counter()
double& etime()
void invalidate(double mtime)
int is_header_valid()
inline int is_mpush()
inline int is_server_down()
inline int is_uncacheable()
inline int is_unread()
int is_valid()
inline double mpush_time()
double& mtime()
void name(char* buf)
virtual void print_info(char* buf)
static void print_name(char* name, PageID& id)
HttpApp* server()
inline void server_down()
inline void set_mpush(double time)
inline void set_read()
inline void set_uncacheable()
inline void set_unread()
inline void set_valid_hdr()
static void split_name(const char* name, PageID& id)
virtual WebPageType type()
void validate(double mtime)

Protected Fields

double age_
int counter_
double etime_
double mpushTime_
double mtime_
HttpApp* server_
int status_

Protected Methods

void clear_page_action(int action)
void clear_page_state(int state)
void set_page_action(int action)
void set_page_state(int state)

Inherited from Page:

Public Methods

int& id()
int size()

Protected Fields

int id_
int size_


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