class Trace/SessEnque : Trace <Trace>


Public Methods

Trace/SessEnque instproc init {}

Inherited from Trace:

Public Fields

Trace instvar dst_
Trace instvar fp_
int off_ip_
int off_rtp_
int off_srm_
int off_tcp_
Trace instvar src_
Trace instvar type_

Public Methods

Trace instproc attach fp
inline char* buffer()
int command(int argc, const char*const* argv)
void dump()
Trace instproc format args
void namdump()
void recv(Packet* p, Handler*)
static double round(double x, double precision=PRECISION)
void trace(TracedVar*)
virtual void write_nam_trace(const char *s)



Protected Fields

int callback_
Tcl_Channel channel_
nsaddr_t dst_
Tcl_Channel namChan_
char nwrk_[256]
int show_tcphdr_
nsaddr_t src_
int type_
char wrk_[1024]

Protected Methods

void annotate(const char* s)
virtual void format(int tt, int s, int d, Packet* p)

Inherited from Connector:

Public Methods

virtual void drop(Packet* p)
inline NsObject* target()

Protected Fields

NsObject* drop_
NsObject* target_

Protected Methods

virtual void drop(Packet* p, const char *s)
inline void send(Packet* p, Handler* h)

Inherited from NsObject:

Public Methods

virtual void debug(const char *fmt, ...)
virtual int delay_bind_dispatch(const char *varName, const char *localName, TclObject *tracer)
virtual void delay_bind_init_all()
int isdebug()

Protected Fields

int debug_
int off_cmn_
int off_flags_

Protected Methods

void handle(Event*)
virtual void reset()

Inherited from Handler:


Next two are for SessionSim's packet traces
Trace/SessEnque instproc init {}

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