class BoxAgent : public Agent


Public Methods

BoxAgent(const char* name, double size)
virtual void draw(View*, double now)
int inside(double, float, float)
virtual void place(double x, double y)
virtual void size(double s)
virtual void update_bb()

Private Fields

float x0_
float x1_

Inherited from Agent:

Public Fields

Agent* AgentPartner_
int AgentRole_
Agent* next_
Node* node_
int number_

Public Methods

void add_feature(Feature *f)
inline void anchor(int v)
inline int anchor()
inline double angle()
inline void angle(double a)
virtual int classid()
void color(const char* name)
void delete_feature(Feature *f)
virtual float distance(float x, float y)
inline Edge* edge()
Feature* find_feature(char *)
void flowcolor(const char* color)
const char* getname()
const char* info()
inline void interval(float size)
void label(const char* name, int anchor)
inline void mark(int v)
inline int marked()
inline void maxcwnd(int size)
void monitor(Monitor *m, double now, char *result, int len)
inline const char* name()
inline void next(Agent *a)
inline Agent* next()
inline int num()
inline void packetSize(int size)
inline void produce(int number)
inline int produce()
const char* property()
virtual void reset(double)
int saveAsEnam(FILE *file)
int saveAsNs(FILE *file)
inline float startAt()
inline void startAt(float time)
inline void stopAt(float time)
inline float stopAt()
void tracevar(const char* var)
inline void window(int size)
inline void windowInit(int size)
inline double x()
inline double y()

Protected Fields

int anchor_
double angle_
char* color_
Edge* edge_
Feature* features_
char* flowcolor_
double height_
float interval_
char* label_
int mark_
int nn_
int packetSize_
int produce_
double size_
float start_
char* tracevar_
double width_
int window_
double x_

Protected Methods

void drawlabel(View*)

Inherited from Animation:

Public Fields

static Tcl_HashTable* AniHash_
static unsigned int LASTID_
static unsigned int nAniHash_

Public Methods

void addTag(Animation *)
const BBox& bbox()
void change_color(char *color)
void deleteTag(Animation *)
void detach()
static Animation* find(unsigned int id)
virtual const char* getedst()
virtual const char* getesrc()
virtual const char* getfid()
Animation* getLastTag()
inline Animation* getTag(int i)
virtual const char* gettype()
int id()
void insert(Animation **)
inline int isTagged()
inline void merge(BBox& b)
virtual MonState* monitor_state(void)
virtual void move(EditView*, float, float )
inline int numTag()
void paint(int id)
inline int paint()
inline Animation** prev()
void remove_monitor()
inline StateInfo stateInfo()
void toggle_color()
inline int type()
virtual void update(double now)

Protected Fields

int aType_
BBox bb_
unsigned int id_
Monitor* monitor_
int nTag_
int oldPaint_
int paint_
Animation** prev_
StateInfo si_
Animation** tags_


BoxAgent(const char* name, double size)

virtual void size(double s)

virtual void draw(View*, double now)

virtual void place(double x, double y)

int inside(double, float, float)

virtual void update_bb()

float x0_

float x1_

This class has no child classes.

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